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Apart from You


Leonore H. Dvorkin

Review from Community News, Denver

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  Apart from You is a trip back in time, to the 1960s, when free love and open relationships were part of the culture. This book explores how one temporarily separated young couple deals with their long-term commitment to one another, given the sexual freedom of the times. ...

While planning for the separation, Elizabeth and Alan decide that "fidelity for fidelity's sake" is pointless. "As long as they were careful as to whom they chose as partners, as long as they were honest with each other as to what was going on, as long as they both practiced birth control, what could go wrong?"

Apart from You takes the reader on the rocky journey of just what could go wrong, and how it does. ...

The author's first novel, this book is gripping and powerful. The reader is introduced to a wide array of characters whose complex emotional interactions are explored with raw honesty. While drawing the reader into the story, Dvorkin simply tells it like it is, making no judgment as to the behavior of her characters, nor on the era of sexual freedom that was the 1960s.

The reader is thus allowed to make up his or her own mind regarding which characters to like or dislike, and which actions to sympathize with or condemn. This makes the novel suitable for those of all temperaments and for readers of either sex.

Not for the faint of heart, this book explores varying sorts of sexuality, numerous still relevant social issues, corrosive sibling rivalry, and a wide variety of other emotions with unapologetic honesty. At its core, it's about the tremendous damage that can be wrought by excessive self-indulgence and a lack of honest communication. Recommended for mature readers.


See also:    Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey (autobiographical)