Leonore's Haiku

Park Companions, Late November

Ducks and geese
wading through icy puddles,
soft honks and quacks
all mingled.

After Hours at the Jewelry Store

Bare velvet necks,
empty as their promises of beauty
when bedecked.


Yesterday, hope.
Today, tears.
Oh, yellow flower,
how can you still bloom?

The New Kittens

Goodbye knickknacks,
unobstructed reading,
late snoozing.
Hello, sweet love!

Worrywart's Lament

Trouble in mind,
a troublin' mind.
Why, oh why,
is this ol' trouble mine?

The Girl's Gone

Love faker, heart breaker, stuff taker.
Face it, guy;
she ain't comin' back.

Good Advice for the Attached

A friendly hug.
Now step back
from its shivery edge
of attraction.

Urban Bus Stop, April

Wee birds in the bush,
heedless of the beer bottles beneath,
sing of spring.

After the Hurricane and Flood

(from a story on NPR, 10/24/05)

Mayan Indian
flies yellow plastic kite for son,
hearts unsubmerged.

If Only

Seen chalked on a college sidewalk:
"Learning zone. Stop all stupid stuff."

Achim's Cat

(A true story, as told by his friend Uwe)

Abandoned, lost, half frozen
Rescued, loved
Long missed

Change Speaks

Trample your fears, dear one!
Propelled by me, your tired heart
will leap anew.

What the Sad Squirrel Saw,
Looking Up

Big old tree
barely there.
Trunk roped.
Leaves gone.
Limbs gone.
Bare sky.
Home erased.

(This was written on 9/18/06,
when only the trunk of our soon to be felled
oldest cottonwood tree
was still standing.
A poor squirrel came up to the base,
seemingly seeking its lost nest,
then left in confusion.)

How Someone Found Our Cottonwood Essay

(March 15, 2009)

His sad search string:
"She knew I loved that tree,
and she cut it down for spite."

What's in an Apple?

Flavonoids, fiber, fructose.
Flavor, phytonutrients, no fat.
-- Crunch! --

(This was written after I wrote an article
on the benefits of apples.)

The Sad Swimmer's Confession

Swimming, she said,
meant release,
for then no one saw her tears
as they flowed.

The Match As You Might See It

fire starter
tennis war
chess game
pairing similars
made in heaven

Come the Food Revolution

Teed-off tea
Potatoes with chips on their shoulders
Bread that screams, "You're toast!"

"Down the Drain"

Tell me.
Where is that dark, cold hole
that swallows the world's
bright hopes and dreams?

Tiny Toy Teddy

There in the gutter:
and forgotten
... but still smiling!

"Hold That Bus!"

(A young man helps an old one)

He assures him they will wait,
helps him up,
and restores his faith
in youth.

A Black and Gray World View

Her T-shirt reads:
"Everybody lies."
My hope:
that cynicism dies.

Unexpected Contract Work

(November 2009)

It falls into her lap.
She laps it up.
Up, up she goes.
Go, girl, go!

Evergreens in Winter

When their leafed cousins are bare,
they emerge -
dark and full against the snow.

Seen with Regret in the Park Today

(Spring, 2010)

Her dog lies resting,
for she's texting,
not walking.

Taking Himself WAY Too Seriously

(Fall 2010)

Passing on the bike path,
he duly shouts, "On your left!"
But -- he's running!

Uprooting Old Habits in the New Year

(Early 2011)

Tear out dead plants,
and what do you see?
A place for new flowers to be!

A House That Never Fails to Amuse Me

The house is so yellow that it glows.
Do those who live there smile as well?

What To Do, What To Do?

I often have so much to do
that I don't know what to do.
You too?

Sitting Alone,
Watching a Band of Sunlight on the Creek

(Feb. 2012)

The creek flows east.
The gleams go nowhere
but into my delighted eyes.

Comfort Zone, Winter

(Jan. 2019)

Cozy sweatshirt,
thick slippers,
hot tea,
gratifying work
here at home.

What Covers What

(September 2019)

lid on the pot
hat on the head
quilt on the bed
secrets for the past