Since 1976 in Denver, Colorado

The Instructor

I'm Leonore Dvorkin. From 1976 to 1986, I taught weight training classes for the Point Athletic Club and then at the Westhills Apartments Clubhouse in Lakewood, Colorado. In 1977, I won the YWCA Sportswomen of Colorado Award in Health and Physical Fitness.

I'm now offering small classes in my southwest Denver home.

The Program

My trademarked program, Leonore Dvorkin's Conditioning with Weights, combines stretches, calisthenics, light aerobic work, and exercises with free weights: dumbbells, barbells, ankle weights, and handgrips.

The program includes almost 90 different exercises for the arms, legs, chest, abdominals, back, etc. The training goals are muscle and bone strength, toning, flexibility, endurance, coordination, body weight control, and improved sports performance. Every class provides a total-body workout.

All classes are open to both men and women and all equipment is provided: dumbbells, barbells, ankle weights, handgrips, exercise mats, and weight benches.

Some Workouts

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Class Schedule and Prices

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What My Students Say

My students tell me that what they like most about these small, informal classes is that the atmosphere is so fun and non-competitive.

Because the classes are held in my bright, cheery basement workout room, rather than in a noisy commercial space, we can chat while we work to get healthy. It's not unusual for people to attend my classes for many years running.

The classes are especially appealing to those who have never lifted weights before and to those who are pursuing overall health rather than a high level of athleticism. Rest assured that you're never too old to lift weights; over the years, I've taught people from 9 to 84 years of age, and I'm currently in my 70s (born 5/5/46).

Additional Information

Leonore's Contact Information

  Home phone: 303-985-2327
Cell phone: 303-885-1728
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 303-986-6361